About Us

Palm Beach Multicultural Organization, Inc., (PBMOI) consists of highly skilled professionals with combined levels of experience in radio, finance, event promotion and healthcare that spans over 50 years. This group of individuals is dedicated to the longevity of the organization and strives to present professional, well-orchestrated events throughout our communities. 

The mission of the Palm Beach Multicultural Organization, Inc. (PBMOI) is to bring the American and Caribbean communities together to celebrate our culture as one and share the beauty of our diversity.

PBMOI is dedicated to increasing cultural awareness. The key is to have bandleaders of the Mas Camp venues teach adults and children theme interpretation, how to be creative and skillful, how to design the costumes and how to dance to the music that tells the story. This fosters an environment of competitiveness, teamwork, leadership, and art communication from the different cultures and allows participants to showcase their talents. A renewed focus in 2012 is to be a proud advocate of  The Soup Kitchen Inc.

Our goal is to bridge the cultural divide by identifying areas of need in the community where we can partner with other community leaders to develop and implement programs that aid in the empowerment and advancement of underprivileged individuals.