About Us




  “Carnival is in my blood


Growing up in Trinidad, my father who was a police officer would get tickets for various carnival events and my family had the privilege of being in the front seats at such events. Every year on the actual carnival days, he took us to a specific venue in the heart of Port of Spain (Capital of Trinidad and Tobago) to witness and enjoy the carnival celebration. So, as you can see my spirit and enthusiasm for: Fetes, J’ouvert, the Competitions, Panorama, Calypso and Soca, Masqueraders, Steel Bands, and all the actions that came along with carnival.  

I migrated here from Trinidad and Tobago in 1968 and lived in Brooklyn. I always enjoyed participating in the Labor Day Parade and carnivals alike.  Having lived in West Palm Beach for many years, I realized that West Palm Beach needed a Caribbean carnival. In 2007, I founded Palm Beach MultiCultural Organization Inc. (PBMOI) and since hosted the West Palm Beach carnival, for 9 years with the Board Executives and  Carnival Committee members. Our overall mission is for people of all nationalities and all walks of life to come together to celebrate Caribbean culture.  

As President of West Palm Beach Carnival since 2007, I make a conscious effort to make sure that West Palm Beach Carnival is an event that illustrates all fashions of the Caribbean culture.  Guess you can say carnival is in my blood!


Thank You  

On behalf of the West Palm Beach Carnival Board of Executives, and the Carnival committee we thank you very much for your interest in our event over the years. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, April 29th  2017 .