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From LifeTime Tabanka, Ah Want 2 Whine to Wuk It Up Skinny Banton has been making nonstop hit singles. This Year of 2014 Skinny Banton takes a stand again with his banging release for Carriacou/Grenada Carnival & beyond entitled #SoakItGood! Produce & Mix by Deva, M.P.S Ent, Mastered by Lyndon Pope,YoungStarzStudio & Written by Shirlan George aka Skinny Banton. The Recording Artist has been working along with KingBeats Prod, 1ne Take Studio, YSS 4th Dimension Production (SVG) & DadaMusic Lawrence from Cotton Groove Studio (DA). In this year of 2014 you can expect more release from Skinny Banton such as Jab In Di Morning Produce by DadaMusic Lawrance, Sumbody Gyal Ft. Shaney Hypes Prod by YoungStarzStudio Mix & Mastered by Scratch Master & many more, Shade Ah Black, Passion Fruit, Ancient Jab. Carriacou’s Skinny Banton is the 2013 Road March King and People’s Choice Soca Monarch. This is his third time in a row capturing the People’s Choice Soca Monarch title. He won with his banging hit “Can’t Tame We.” Skinny Banton also released songs entitled, “Before I Come,” “Last Lap,” “Push Back,” “Can’t Wait,” and “Find A Band” featuring Brother B. You can view all Skinny Banton’s videos on Youtube. They are produced and directed by Kerry Velon. The official video for “Can’t Tame We” will be uploaded on March 26, 2013. Skinny Banton is currently working on his new video for “Wasted” with Team CaribbeanConnection as well as preparing for Grenada’s Spicemas Carnival 2013.
In 2011-2012, Skinny Banton was the Soca Monarch King in Carriacou. He won with his Soca Monarch tune “Turn ova” which is produced by Youngstarz Productions. On March 6th, 2012, Skinny Banton released his video for his Soca Monarch winning tune online via Youtube. It captures the energy of Soca Monarch and the essence of Carriacou’s carnival. The videos are played on BEN TV in England and other TV and online TV networks. Over the last few years Skinny Banton took part in Carriacou Soca Monarch Competition and in 2012 Skinny Banton reached the Grenada Soca Monarch finals. He released music videos for his songs “Wanna make up,” “Can’t tek it,” “Songs of praise,” and “Take my place”.
In 2009-2010, Skinny Banton launched his track ‘No war’ which earned him a place at the Carriacou Soca Monarch Finals. In August 2009, Skinny Banton took part in many events at Grenada’s Spicemas from the Carib Road shows to the Timeplus beats cruise. Skinny Banton won over more fans with his hit track, “Granny,” “Mash Up Di Phone,” and “Cyan Tek it”.
In 2005, Skinny Banton came to light by opening an event for Marlon Asher “The Ganja Famer” on stage at the After Ours night club in Carriacou. He received huge audience applause for his song “Mek A Deal.” Skinny Banton continued to open shows and events for artists such as Bunji Garlin, Baby Killa, Hasty Killa, Richie Spice, I-Sasha, and Prophet Benjamin.
Skinny Banton would like to thank all his fans, family, friends and supporters for their support from year to year.

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